Young couple at home using laptop and mobile phone to watch informative YouTube videos of Wilmington attractions.

Enjoy Wilmington Attractions Virtually With These YouTube Channels

Whether you’re looking for a quick video to kill a few minutes or you’ve burned through everything in your Netflix queue, these channels have options to entertain and educate you. These four local YouTube channels will teach you about art, history, as well as sea life right from our apartments in Wilmington, NC. Take a […]

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A train exhibition in the Wilmington Railroad Museum in North Carolina.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Wilmington Railroad Museum

The Wilmington Railroad Museum is a fascinating museum about railroad life and times. While they have engaging exhibits, there are also several ways to virtually enjoy this wonderful museum. Here are ways you can enjoy this fascinating place right in the comfort of our apartments in Wilmington, NC. Wilmington Train Museum Documentary Watch a documentary […]

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