Young women shopping for new pairs of shoes at the best Wilmington shoe stores.

Shop for New Footwear at Wilmington’s Best Shoe Stores

Whether you need a new pair of athletic shoes or a dressier pair for work, local stores have you covered. They offer a wide range of footwear, along with some of the friendliest customer service in town. The best shoe stores near our Wilmington apartments include: Cape Fear Footwear  Found inside the historic Cotton Exchange, […]

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Group of people having a taekwondo class with a male trainer in one of the martial arts schools near Wilmington.

Enjoy a Taekwondo Workout in These Martial Arts Schools Near Wilmington

For a fun way to change up your workout routine, enjoy some taekwondo classes. In fact, this Korean martial art combines punching and kicking techniques that can help improve your strength and flexibility. To try taekwondo, head to one of these martial arts schools near our Wilmington apartments: Cape Fear Martial Arts  At Cape Fear, […]

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Chef preparing different plates of gourmet salads in Wilmington.

Visit these Local Restaurants and Enjoy Gourmet Salads in Wilmington

If you aren’t sure what to have for dinner, try visiting these restaurants serving gourmet salads in Wilmington. The chefs top the fresh lettuce with everything from fried chicken to grilled shrimp. The eateries offering salads near our apartments in Wilmington, NC include: The Pilot House  Founded in 1978, The Pilot House was the first […]

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